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Cell Connect Prepaid Service

Product Information

What is Startec CellConnect Prepaid?

Startec CellConnect Prepaid is a service that allows you to make calls from your cell phone as well as from almost any other phone. You can use Startec CellConnect Prepaid from your cell phone without dialing any PIN Numbers. You can also use the service from a hotel phone, a friend's house or even your office. Now you can make international calls while on the go!

With Startec CellConnect Prepaid you can register up to four phone numbers including your cell phone and even your family members' cell phones to dial without using PIN Numbers. You can also set up speed dial for up to 99 numbers for quick connections.

Startec CellConnect Prepaid is activated immediately after you sign-up. No need to wait, you can start using it right away and can even start adding speed dial numbers.

What is the difference between CellConnect Prepaid and CellConnect?

CellConnect Prepaid allows you to control your budget and spending by giving you the option to prepay.  The more traditional CellConnect service is a "pay-as-you-go" service which allows you to sign up without a commitment and pay only for the calls you make within a billing period (one month).  Other than the way you pay for the service, both products have the same features, rates & benefits.

Can I use my existing cell phone, service provider and cell plan?

YES. CellConnect Prepaid Service can be used simply by dialing our toll free number from your cell phone. Just follow the prompts and dial the desired number to start saving on international calls. You can have any cell phone provider and use our CellConnect Prepaid Service.

What are the access numbers for CellConnect Prepaid?

1-800 Access Number for the U.S.:

What is speed dial?

With speed dial you don't have to dial the full phone number you are trying to reach. Simply dial the toll free CellConnect Prepaid access number and enter the speed dial number. With Startec CellConnect Prepaid, you can store up to 99 numbers for speed dialing.

Can I place a call while traveling overseas using Startec CellConnect Prepaid Service?

No. If you want to make calls from overseas you should subscribe to post-paid CellConnect.

Will I be able to use the PIN-less dialing feature when I use my CellConnect Prepaid account from overseas?

No. The PIN-less dialing feature is only available from the phone numbers you have registered with Startec. If you are using CellConnect Prepaid from your cell phone when you are traveling abroad, your cell phone will be 'International roaming'. When you are on 'International roaming' you will not be able to use the PIN-less feature.

What rates will I have to pay for using Startec CellConnect Prepaid service from foreign countries?

You can look up the rates for using Startec CellConnect Prepaid Service from abroad on our convenient rate calculator found here. The rates that you will pay depend on the 'access charges' from abroad.

Anything else I need to remember when I make calls using Startec's CellConnect Prepaid Service?

Yes. Please do not press the "Send" or "Call" or "Ok" button on your cell phone after you dial your destination number. This button might also be the "Green" button on your cell phone that you press after you choose or enter the number you wish to call. Pressing this button might take your International call directly through to your cell phone provider and Startec will not be responsible for these calls. Here's a step-by-step explanation on what to do when you make calls from your cell phone using Startec's CellConnect Prepaid Service:

  1. Call our access number (most likely you would have programmed it into your phone).
  2. When you hear the prompt, enter the destination number you are calling (if you are set up for PIN-less dialing). If you are not set up for PIN-less dialing, you can dial your PIN and then the destination number. If you have set up speed dial options, you can just enter the speed dial code instead of the full destination number.
  3. PLEASE DO NOT PRESS ANY OTHER BUTTON and wait to be connected.

Support Information

If I'm a CellConnect Prepaid customer can I also have a Direct Dial or pay-as-you-go CellConnect service?

If you would like to sign up for pay-as-you-go CellConnect or Direct Dial and have a CellConnect Prepaid account you will need to contact customer service and request that they switch your account.

How do I set up speed dial?

Simply log on to My Account (My Account) to set up your speed dial options. You can change the numbers stored for speed dialing at anytime on My Account. You may also set up speed dial by calling the access number for your CellConnect Prepaid Service and pressing the * key after the prompt. Follow the prompts to set up your speed dial numbers.

How do I register my phone number with CellConnect Prepaid?

CellConnect Prepaid allows you to register up to 4 number (1 primary and 3 additional) with your account. You'll be able to place calls without having to enter a PIN number when using Startec's CellConnect Prepaid service from those numbers.

To register a number, simply log on to My Account (My Account) and select "My Subscribed Numbers" from the left side menu.

How do I recharge my CellConnect Prepaid account?

To recharge your CellConnect Prepaid account just log into My Account (My Account) and select "Recharge" from the menu on the left. You can then select the recharge amount and process the payment on your credit card.

How do I change my PIN?

To can log into My Account (My Account) and choose to change your PIN number from the menu on the left. You can also call customer service and request that they reset your information. Please note that you will need to provide details regarding your account to customer service in order to confirm that you are the account holder.

What is the customer service number for CellConnect Prepaid?

In the US the number is 1-888-223-2920

In Canada the number is 1-888-228-6976

You can also call that number if you wish to recharge your CellConnect Prepaid account.

Billing Information

Will I receive a bill for my CellConnect Prepaid Service?

With CellConnect Prepaid you will receive a confirmation email immediately following your purchase which will detail the amounts you paid as well as the fees and taxes.  You can log into My Account ( to check your balance, call details and other billing information.

What is Auto-Recharge (Automatic Recharge)?

You can select the Auto-Recharge option when you purchase or recharge your CellConnect Prepaid account.  By selecting Auto-Recharge, the your credit card on record is charged a recharge amount (selected by you) when the account balance drops below $5.00.  This ensures that you will never run out of funds while making international calls at Startec's low rates!

If I sign up for CellConnect Prepaid, when will my credit card be charged?

Your card will be charged immediately after you place your order.  In the case you choose the Auto-Recharge option, your credit card on record will be charged the pre-selected recharge amount (which you define) when your account balance drops below $5.00.

When can I add funds to my CellConnect Prepaid account?

You can add funds to your CellConnect prepaid account at any time. You can do so by using our automated phone system, by going to My Account ( and selecting "recharge" or by calling customer service. It is important to remember that if your account balance reaches zero you will no longer be able to make calls using your CellConnect Prepaid service.

What is the Carrier Cost Recovery Fee (CCRF)?

The Carrier Cost Recovery Fee on a CellConnect Prepaid is 11.9% on amount loaded. The fee helps Startec recover costs associated with providing state-to-state and international long distance service, including access charges assessed on Startec by local telephone companies, the cost of terminating calls to international destinations and billing expenses. This fee applies for each month in which you have any Startec state-to-state and/or international charges on your bill. This fee is not a tax or charge required by the government.

What is the Universal Service Fund Fee (USF)?

The Universal Service Fund (USF) helps provide affordable telecommunications services for low-income customers and customers in rural areas. It also provides discounts on Internet access for eligible schools, libraries and rural health care providers. The USF is collected from telecommunications carriers and administered by the Universal Service Administration Corporation. They are responsible for disbursing the funds according to eligibility criteria established by the FCC.

In May of 1997, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) adopted rules that mandated that telecommunications carriers pay into a federal program called the Universal Service Fund (USF). Startec and other telecommunications carriers are required by the FCC, to pay a percentage of their revenues for state-to-state and international services into the Universal Service Fund. The FCC sets this percentage on a quarterly basis. In the competitive industry we are in, we cannot afford to absorb the costs associated with the USF that have been imposed by the FCC. Startec is allowed to pass through these charges to customers by charging the Universal Service Fund Fee, the percentage set by the FCC and can be found here.