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Products & Services

Connect to your friends and family with Startec's
full range of services

CellConnect Service 

Startec’s CellConnect Service allows you to make international calls from your cell phone as well as from 
any other phone.  
With CellConnect you get to choose your payment method:

Signup and start using CellConnect. Receive your bill and pay for your calls once you have made them. Convenient & Flexible. 

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Choose your prepaid amount and start making calls with CellConnect Prepaid right away. Control your spending while enjoying Startec’s amazing low rates. 

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Direct dial Service 

With Startec’s Direct Dial Service you’ll receive Startec’s low rates every time you pick up your home phone.  No need for PINs or access numbers, all you need to do is pick up the phone and dial directly. There is no easier way to connect to your friends & loved ones. 

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Startec’s Direct Dial Service includes CellConnect for FREE. There are no additional charges or fees. 
With Direct Dial you can call directly from home or take Startec’s rates with you wherever you go. 

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