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We bring your other half closer to you

These winter nights are rough to go through, aren’t they? Especially if you are miles away from your beloved one. Wouldn’t it be great to call your boyfriend or girlfriend at any time of night or day and be able to talk to each other for more than just a couple of minutes?

But I don’t have the money for those long-distance calls,” you’ll say. That isn’t a problem anymore.

You already know that Startec combines technology with feelings. We bring the most advanced technologies into your lives, making it easier for you to speak and see the dear ones over the phone and other gadgets.

Now that the winter holidays have passed, you have most certainly remained with a feeling of sadness in your heart. You couldn’t kiss or hug your girlfriend, nor could you afford to at least speak to him/her for a little longer.

This will not be an issue anymore.

Startec is making partnership with the PDAD Instant Loans, Alliedcash and Netcredit!

Imagine you sitting in your room miles away from home, looking at the picture of the two of you together. You would call her/him, but there is no money left on your credit card.

No problem! Access one of the offers at the websites above, and get instant cash for long-distance calls! Now you can speak to your other half as long as your heart wants to!