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Don't let distance stand in your way to connecting with the dear ones!

The global migration has made friends and relatives live thousands of miles apart from each other. If several years ago this would have been an issue, nowadays distance does not impede keeping relationships close and united.

Startec is continuously working towards improving its services and becoming more accessible to you, our customers. Although we strive to offer as small prices as possible, we must admit that there are cases when even so, they seem a little difficult to pay to some clients.

We have something great for you!

Our team has come up with some great same day loans offers from one of our partners SDL365! Now you can get the money for paying your long distance calls in as little as one hour.

What’s in it for you?

We have it all figured out for you. Any of loans offers are easy to get online, without any paper-related hassle and with full customer support all the way. You can ask for an instant loan for your calls 24/7, 365 days a year!

Now, if this isn’t a great chance for you to feel closer to your home and dear ones, we don’t know what else is. What do you think?