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MyCountry Number

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MyCountry Number

One low rate gets you a local number
in the country of your choice 

  • Unlimited international incoming calls
  • Local number in the country of your choice
  • Everyone saves money – you pay one low fee, your friends and family only pay for a local call in their country
  • Outbound calls are made at one low cost
One number. Unlimited calls. MyCountry Number does it all.

MyCountry Number is making the world a smaller place and saving you money at the same time. Now all your friends and family in another country can dial one local number in that country to reach you here in the United States. Calling back home is just as quick, easy and inexpensive with our included CellConnect service.

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Savings for you, your family and your friends
are one just click away.

MyCountry Number signup is quick and easy and you will receive your local, in-country number in less than 24 hours. No more country codes to memorize for your family. No more hesitation to call by your friends. One local number in their country reaches you immediately.

Easy for them, less expensive for everyone.

Your friends and family back home will only pay for their local call, and for just $14.99 a month, you will receive unlimited incoming calls. Stop making your friends and family pay a premium to reach out to you. MyCountry Number makes it inexpensive for everyone, and as easy as calling someone next door. They’ll never have to worry about long distance fees again.

Calling back home is just as easy.

MyCountry Number includes the CellConnect service with calls to Tehran for as low as 6.9 ¢/minute. Enter the numbers of your family and friends back home in our easy-to-use online portal, and then dial them whenever you’d like at low rates low international rates. No account numbers to memorize, no hidden charges or fees. One low rate, one button, one easy way to stay in touch with the ones who mean the most. Learn more about all the CellConnect features here.

High quality, low-cost calling with one local number.

MyCountry Number is the easiest and least expensive way to stay in touch for everyone back home. Signup today and never miss another call from friends, family or customers in your home country.

Did you know? 

Startec's CellConnect Service is automatically included with your MyCountry service! With Startec CellConnect you are always connected, wherever you may be. Use Startec CellConnect from your cell phone or any other phone when you are not at home and get the same low rates and great quality as from your home phone. 

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